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Does this Sound Familiar…

Create Your Unique Difference by First Focusing on

Your Customer Pain Points.

Throw this Marketing Rule Under the Bus!

This antiquated marketing rule was made to position and sell products. But YOU sell a service.

Following this outdated approach SUCKS the

“I know a better way”,

the passion and beliefs that fueled you to start your business…

right out of your Unique Difference.

And your Business ends up sinking in look-alike, sound-alike…

Sea-of-Sameness Marketing.

Infuse Your Marketing Messages with an Energetic Force that…

Naturally Attracts Your Best Clients

When you find YOUR Marketing SweetSpot™

Look Inward First

Tune-In to Your Point of View

Your Point of View creates the Unique Difference. Some people might see a heart in this pic, some might see a bird, some might think it’s outside and other’s might think it’s underwater.  The picture hasn’t changed…it’s your “lens” that gives it distinction.

The same is true for your business.  Your Point of View is  your “I know a better way”, your unique “lens” about how you want to do business.

Tune-in to Your heart first to find powerful seeds of differentiation.

Sing in Harmony with

Your Target Market

Selling and buying services is based on relationships. When both the buyer and business are connected to shared values and aspirations, a natural alignment occurs.

Just like a magnetic force, like-minded buyers are drawn to the “harmonic vibe” of your marketing messages because they “speak to them” in an authentic and relevant way.

You want to spend your energy doing great work for people who have an affinity for and appreciate the way You Do What You Do.

HeartMath™ Proves the Magnetic Power of Being In-Tune

The world-renowned HeartMath™ Institute scientifically proves that when you’re in alignment with your heart, you radiate a natural confidence that attracts others to you. Another person can feel the powerful electromagnetic field generated by your heart.

This is the magnetic power of your Marketing SweetSpot™.

Prospects “feel” their way into buying services. They buy from people who they sense have confidence and believe in what they are saying.

Are you ready to Tune-In and Turn-On your Marketing Sweetspot™?

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