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About Captivate & Co

Captivate & Co. is a boutique Marketing Communication firm dedicated exclusively to...

Helping coaches, consultants, and independent service providers find their Marketing SweetSpot™.

Here's a snapshot of the Point of View that shapes every nook and cranny of Captivate & Co.

Elephant in the Room

On the surface, most businesses that offer similar services to yours, all look and sound alike. It's the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.

The same messages that everyone says about customer service, quality, expertise all sound like blah, blah, blah to your prospects.

You're stuck in a Sea of Sameness.  And price becomes your default differentiator.


What’s the Secret

Wondering how you get out of the Sea of Sameness?  This may surprise you, but it’s actually easy.

You’ll find your magnetic seeds of differentiation in your passionate beliefs about what you do.  It’s your Unique Point of View that inspires doing business your way.  It’s what makes your heart ooze with excitement, your body tingle, and naturally pumps you up.

Name one service-based business that wasn’t founded on the desire to do things differently.” Guy Kawasaki

Find Your Marketing SweetSpot™

You’ll find your Marketing SweetSpot™ at the intersection of your WHY and your favorite client’s WHY.

Selling and buying coaching, consulting, and other professional services is based on relationships. Look for the shared emotional and logical attributes of the service you provide, that matter to both YOU and your CLIENTS.

Just like a magnetic force, buyers are drawn to your marketing messages because they authentically “speak to them.”

And a Few More Values and Beliefs…


Your Distinct Point of View

Service businesses all look alike until…you get clear on the beliefs and values that inspire your business.


Words Have Power

Have you ever said, “Gee I wish I hadn’t said that”? Words have power…enough said.

Inspire Prospects, Customers, and Your Team

When what you do, and the way you do it, resonates with your team…you create a unifying motivation.

Services & Products aren't Equal

Services are invisible, products are not.  Service brands look inward first.  Product brands look outward.

Relationships Matter

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Buyers feel marketing messages and when they sense congruence, it builds trust and rapport.

Share What You Know

Share what you know and your business will grow.