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The Challenge of Marketing Coaching and Consulting Services


Your ability to genuinely convey your unique message is YOUR most important Marketing Tool.

                         But most businesses like yours are stuck in a sea-of-sameness…look-alike and sound-alike marketing.

Change that when you find your Marketing SweetSpot!

Marketing for Coaches and Consultants Made Easy

Find Your Marketing SweetSpot™ with the 3C’s



Most marketing for coaches and consultants programs ignore this…You must look within first.  Your point of view inspires a unique way of doing business, delivering value to clients your way.


This is the secret to creating magnetic marketing messages that stop clients in their tracks. Find the common ground between what matters to your ideal customer and your business.


Consistent messaging in the form of words, visuals, emotion, and actions “concretizes”  your unique point of distinction. This creates a natural energetic force that attracts clients.

What People Are Saying

“Debbie helped us to get clear on our unique difference and then communicate that in a way that has been amazing. We’re  closing business with clients who value our services!”

John Lowdermilk

President, Lowdermilk & Associates

“I was ready to take my business to the next level, but had no idea how to communicate what I do in a way that was easy to understand and relevant to my target clients. Debbie’s Marketing SweetSpot process changed all of that.  I could have never done this without her.”

Janet Davis

Founder and Coach, Performance Trade Coaching

“Selling insurance is one of the most difficult things to differentiate.  With Debbie’s help, my team and I have gotten very clear on what makes our agency unique.  It’s made a big difference in our business.”

Cindy Chase

President, Aspen Insurance Agency